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New homeowners after purchasing one of the many homes for sale in Toms River NJ

Things to Know Before Searching Homes for Sale in Toms River NJ

Miniatures of homes for sale in Toms River NJ

You can find homes for sale in Toms River NJ in Ocean County along the eastern seaboard. This municipality is one of the most populous in the state and is home a Halloween parade that is rumored to be the second largest in the world. Toms River covers 52 square-miles with 12 of those square miles being covered by water. A majority of the township is located on the mainland, but there is a small section on the Barnegat Peninsula as well. There are over two dozen unincorporated communities within Toms River including Cattus Island, Normandy Beach, Ocean Beach, Ortley Beach, and Silverton. Aside from all the great mini-communities, there are many other things that residents love about living in Toms River NJ.

Location, Location, Location

When it comes to being conveniently located, look at Toms River. Just 59 miles from Philadelphia and just under 75 miles from New York City, both commuters and lovers of the city night life reside in Toms River because of the accessibility. There are plenty of public transportation options for anyone wishing to get into the cities without the hassle of parking. Atlantic City is another favorite hot spot that is just a short drive from Toms River. No matter which city is your favorite, you can freely visit all three anytime if you reside in Toms River.

Numerous major highways cross through Toms River which is part of why the town is so popular. The Garden State Parkway spans the township running north to south while Route 37 runs all the way east to west. Route 9 and Route 70 also both easily accessible from anywhere in town. All these highways are fast routes into all other areas of the state.

Many Homes for Sale in Toms River NJ are On the Water

Enough talk about what’s on the land in Toms River. The bigger attraction to the Toms River real estate market might be the water. These homes span the spectrum from primary residences to vacation rental properties. You can find small beach shacks and large beach front multi family homes. Some of these homes are lived in all year round while others are only resided in during the summer. It can be said that no matter what you are searching for, you are likely to find it among the homes for sale in Toms River NJ.

Beach front homes are popular in Toms River. The section of town located on the Barnegat Peninsula has a stretch of homes along the beach lining the Atlantic Ocean. An even larger number of homes sit along lagoons all over the Silver Bay. Boat owners make up a generous portion of residents in Toms River due to the variety of homes that have their own slip.

Other Great Things About Toms River NJ

Toms River has a large number of businesses in town. This means residents rarely have to leave town to get what they need. It also means that there are plenty of job opportunities in Toms River. In addition to year-round jobs, the beach and the boardwalk open up a whole other job market every summer.

There are plenty of green spaces in addition to all the water in Toms River. A number of great parks including Winding River Park and Cattus Island Park welcome hikers, dog walkers, and nature enthusiasts every day. No matter what you’re preferred outdoor activity, you can do it in Toms River.

Homes for sale in Toms River NJ get to enjoy the revitalized downtown. Many of the great restaurants can be found in downtown Toms River. Numerous festivals are held on Washington St. Summer in the Street is one of the most popular with food trucks, vendors, and rides. Families can enjoy free Movies in the Courtyard and every summer chili lovers get to watch the yearly chili cook-off.

There are so many other wonderful attractions in Toms River. One is Insectropolis where kids and adults alike can learn all about insects. Spend an afternoon learning about the history of Toms River in one of the many other museums and historic locations.

Contact a Realtor About Homes for Sale in Toms River NJ

New homeowners after purchasing one of the many homes for sale in Toms River NJ

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