Beach Haven West Custom Home Builder Facts

Beach Haven West has long been one of New Jersey’s most desirable waterfront communities. A sleepy unincorporated burg set inside Stafford Township, it is home to both summer residents and year round residents. These days, many people are even looking for a Beach Haven West home remodeler or home builder to either modernize their existing home or build them something new.

It’s no surprise why. This waterfront community offers easy access to fishing and boating, with the entire Barnegat Bay just seconds away by boat. Having a custom home builder in Beach Haven West work with you to create your dream home may very well be a dream come true!

For many, Beach Haven West itself is a dream come true. Built on a series of over 100 lagoons and located right off Route 72 and just across the bay from Long Beach Island, it’s one of the Jersey Shore’s true hidden gems. Ask people like Knauth Builders LLC, who are constructing new homes in the community, and they’ll tell you that there are few better places to be if you want waterfront living in New Jersey.

Here are 10 facts you might not know about this hidden gem of a community:

  1. Stafford’s resort community of Beach Haven West was first developed in the 1950s. Herbert and Jerome Shapiro created the 130 lagoons that make up this section of the town.
  2. Beach Haven West began with a series of Cape Cod style homes being built.
  3. The earliest waterfront homes in Beach Haven West cost about $7,000 circa the 1950s.
  4. The first phase of Beach Haven West opened in 1957 and makes up the region between Morris Boulevard and Jennifer Lane.
  5. Beach Haven West phase two was finished in the early 1960s and spans the area between Jonathan Drive and Walter Boulevard.
  6. During the 1950s and 1960s, the Beach Haven West Civic Association was a focal point of the community. They ran a community center and pool off Jonathan Drive. The clubhouse was demolished in the 1980s.
  7. Beach Haven West was still being built-out as late as 1986, when Colony Lakes was completed.
  8. The construction of Beach Haven West, as well as Ocean Acres, coincided with the construction of the Garden State Parkway, which finally gave people in North Jersey easier access to the Jersey Shore.
  9. Today, Beach Haven West’s population is about 4,000 residents.
  10. One of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice, once had a summer home in Beach Haven West.

These days, you can ask any Beach Haven West home builder and they will all agree: there are few communities that have become as desirable to live in as this one. A homeowner makes a good investment when building here.

Even more important? They get access to a priceless lifestyle of relaxation, boating, fishing, and more. And that’s not something you can find just anywhere.

The World’s Best Paddle Boarding Competitions

The world’s best paddle boarders can stroke for hours without stop, with a 20-mile run being nothing more than a warm-up to them.

So needless to say, modern paddle boarding competitions either pack on a lot of miles, or cross difficult waters with high winds, tough currents, and other ways of challenging their endurance.

When you seek out Beach Haven paddle board rentals, you’re not going to be encountering routes like this!

Of course, competitions of this sort are a fairly recent phenomenon. After the sport faded to obscurity in the 1950s, it slowly began to creep to prominence again in the 1980s.

The revival of Hawaiian paddle board races began on the mainland in the 1980s, when Gibby Gibson and Buddy Bohn brought back the famed Catalina Classic.

The Catalina Classic is a 32-mile race that runs from Catalina Island to Manhattan Beach. In the 1990s, Dawson Jones, the top paddler at the time, took inspiration from the race and created the Molokai-2-Oahu Paddle board World Championships, a popular but difficult race across the Ka’iwi Channel.

Paddle boarding came back for good in 1996, thanks to the Outrigger Canoe Club in Honolulu and riders at the North Shore of Oahu.

Other major paddle boarding events include:

Santa Monica Pier Paddle board Race and Ocean Festival

A short race at just 6 miles, this race was started in 2010 to celebrate the Santa Monica Pier’s rich paddle boarding history. Today, it is one of the pier’s most popular events. Even people who usually only ride thanks to Beach Haven paddle board rentals know about it.

Hennessey’s International Paddle board Championship

Covering 12 miles, this popular race proves to be a great draw in Hennessey and has helped further popularize paddle boarding.

Maui International Paddle board Race

This 9-mile race has been run for 12 years and counting, and puts boarders through a harrowing, wind-heavy course running between Maliko Gulch and Kahului Harbor. The famed Maliko when difficult tradewinds are blowing can be one of the toughest runs in the sport.

Hamilton Island Cup, Australia

This Australian race covers 5 miles and is part of a larger four-day series of outrigger and paddling events. First run in 1984, by the race’s 25th anniversary the race was drawing over 2000 competitors.

“Full Moon” paddles from Cuba to Key West

This grueling run of over 100 miles is perhaps best known for Michael O’shaughnessy’s world record time of 19 hours, 19 minutes – truly not a feat for amateurs.

There are many other smaller races in the world, from Australia and New Zealand to the Hawaiian islands, California, Florida, the Caribbean, and even in New Jersey, where people who seek out Beach Haven paddle board rentals can practice, get their water legs, and prepare to race with the best.

If you’re each to try your hand at paddle board races, or even just want to look for some SUP rentals in Beach Haven so you can begin learning, just remember to have fun, be safe, and respect the water!


Everything You Need To Know About House Raising In NJ

HOUSE_RAISING_IN_NJHurricane Sandy which has hit New Jersey in 2012 created a disaster, but also an opportunity for a better tomorrow, protecting the people inside the houses and letting them build a better future. The redevelopment and establishment of a new home adopts the concept of house raising in NJ, which has been popular ever since this major catastrophe has left many people homeless.

The Importance Of NJ House Raising

So, what does actually the term NJ house raising represent?

Also known as house lifting, the main concept of house raising in NJ is actually a form of flood-proofing that is a result of three main factors:

  • Personal loss
  • Risk to life and
  • The costs of servicing the isolated people who remain in their homes during a flood in order to protect possessions as well as stress and post-flood trauma.

House raising in NJ has been known as the best solution for establishing a new foundation of a house. Although the process is lengthy, it bases on a construction of  new hydraulic systems among the other fundamental aspects, and is simply beneficial to homeowners in New Jersey because of the following reasons:

  • a foundation that is need of repair
  • an improved level of flood protection which can also lower the flood insurance rates or ensure compliance with any of the building codes in New Jersey
  • various aesthetic purposes, such as the unpleasantness of the location or commercial structures or highways

The Benefits Of House Raising / Lifting in NJ

Basically, the NJ house raising system caused by the unfortunate hurricane disaster is a solution that is smarter than moving. While avoiding the costs of selling a damaged property and purchasing a larger home, it allows scalability in many forms, whether it’s a growing family or an amazing new living space for enjoyment in many years to come.

Knowing that the damaged location has been taking place near water, the proneness to floods, wetlands and other natural protective areas can be eliminated with the NJ house lifting methodology. Moving a house from the potential high-water zones can be easy, whether the flooding condition has already affected the property and needs to be lifted to prevent a future loss or in case of flood prevention in New Jersey.

The Definition Of Safe House Raising and Lifting In NJ

A successful house raising project in NJ must include all of the aspects mentioned below:

  1. Knowing the requirements – Will the foundation be adequate? What are the overall height requirements for the NJ area? Is the house legally conformed to the current NJ regulations for side yard setback?
  2. A professional team of house raising contractors in NJ – Experience with previous projects, obtaining new ideas and implementing a solid plan and design are all factors to be considered during a NJ house lifting.
  3. Drawing up the plans and submitting them to the local building department – This ensures a legal building permit and a proper description on the scope of work.
  4. Protecting the investment – House raising in NJ should always be insured for liability, providing up to date proof of compliance with a Worker’s Compensation.
  5. Knowing the price – An on-site meeting about your NJ house raising project must include a discussion about the scope of work and schedule prior to signing a contract.

In the end, a house raising project in NJ will result in the best-case scenario only when the plan is thoroughly studied and when the scope of work is undertaken by a team of house raising professionals.