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You might be surprised to know that often our air quality within our homes is worse than the air quality outside. Most homeowners assume that keeping a clean home is enough to ensure decent indoor air quality. For some, that just might be enough. If, however, you have residents that suffer from respiratory ailments, you find yourself complaining of headaches when spending extended time at home, or suffer from lethargy or allergy-like symptoms when you walk in your door, you should schedule duct cleaning in Toms River today.

Duct Cleaning in Toms River is Just One Way to Improve Indoor Air Quality

The seasons of summer and winter often cause most homes to shut all doors and windows for months on end. It can cause stale air and without proper care, your HVAC system can actually be spreading negative air particles throughout your home. Things like mold, mildew, dust, and pet dander can build-up within ductwork without our knowledge. These particles are often the cause of illnesses and symptoms like headaches, coughing, dry eyes, and a general feeling of unwellness.

One way to address this is to ensure all the air filters in your home are changed or cleaned every few months. If you have multiple shedding pets, live in an area where construction has been occurring, or live in a humid or wet environment, you might need to check your filters more often. Those outside of these circumstances might be able to let their filters go more than a few months before requiring attention. Air filters are a homes first line of defense in trapping irritating air particles and preventing them from circulation through your home.

Duct cleaning in Toms River - Technician changing air filter

Another way to alleviate symptoms of low indoor air quality is to clean your ductwork. These tunnels that run through your house are rarely seen and, therefore, rarely maintained or repaired. It is hard to know when something is wrong with your ducts unless you have them examined by professionals. Plus, these spaces are ideal locations for things like mold and mildew, rodents and pests, and dust and debris. Clearing all of these items out means cleaner air for you to breathe.

There is More to Duct Service Than Just Cleaning

As we just mentioned, repairing duct work is important to allowing your HVAC to continue to run at its most efficient. Damages can greatly affect how effective your air conditioning and heating is. This is because disrupting airflow is one of the top things that influence HVAC effectiveness.

Once your ducts are cleaned, many companies offer additional services such as sanitizing and deodorizing. If you ever feel like you’re breathing stale, stuffy air, schedule an appointment for duct cleaning in Toms River today and ask for additional protective services that can help keep your air fresher, longer.

Hire the Right Professional for the Job

Many companies advertise that they offer duct cleaning services. We are here to tell you, do not believe every claim you read online. Not all duct cleaning services are the same. Duct cleaning in Toms River is much more than attaching a vacuum up to a vent. Don’t be fooled by businesses claiming to be able to clean your ducts quickly and easily. The process of cleaning out duct work is actually fairly involved and requires many steps. Many of these procedures involve protecting your home. Cleaning out ducts is a messy and dirty job. Any company that suggests otherwise is not offering you top-quality duct cleaning services.

Duct shown after duct cleaning in Toms River

To find an appropriate company, check for certifications, licenses, and insurance. The National Air Duct Cleaners Association offers certifications to individual employees of duct cleaning companies. When interviewing potential companies, ask questions. Be sure that they fully explain their process so that you know what will be done. Have them detail exactly what parts of your HVAC system will be cleaned. Also, make sure you find out what products they use to clean the ducts. It is important because some companies use chemicals. If they do, you should be aware of what those materials are and what their dangers are.

We hope you’ve learned a lot about duct cleaning in Toms River and you can learn more here. Contact a professional by you today to improve your air quality in your home today.

Avoid HVAC Repair in Spring Lake with These Tips

One of the biggest complaints of homeowners when it comes to their HVAC systems is the cost of repair. Plus, it never fails that these machines usually break when you need them the most. If you want to know some of the most common causes of HVAC repair in Spring Lake, read this. Heating systems, if not cared for and then put under excessive strain will decide to take a hiatus. Cooling systems typically follow the same routine. A few cool days in spring and the a/c works fine, but once the truly hot days of summer roll around, no more cool air. Typically, it is the emergency status of many repair calls that makes them so expensive. Routine maintenance calls cost much less. Therefore, proper care of heating and cooling systems is the number one way to avoid HVAC repair in Spring Lake.  

Provide Regular HVAC Maintenance to Avoid HVAC Repair in Spring Lake

Taking proper care of your HVAC machines is the best way to avoid emergencies, breakdowns, and damages. Plus, routine maintenance keeps your machines more efficient which keeps your energy bills down.

One key note in keeping your heating and cooling system running smoothly is to keep your air filter clean. Depending on the type of filter, this means either cleaning or replacing the air filter approximately every three months. The air filter is one of the first lines of defense in keeping your HVAC system running. If it is clogged, however, it is step one of system breakdown.  

Another crucial step in caring for your home HVAC system is to have it inspected annually by professionals. An annual inspection for your furnace and air conditioner helps avoid repair bills by mending any small impairments before they cause the entire system to shut down. Even with good care by a homeowner, there is no replacement for professional examinations. It is also important to note that you should hire an experienced technician to inspect your air conditioner in spring and your furnace in the fall, just before you need each system.

Install a Smart Thermostat in Spring Lake

Install a smart thermostat in Spring Lake in blue font next to a smart thermostat showing a temperature of 63

A great way to run your HVAC efficiently is with a programmable or smart thermostat. A programmable thermostat allows you to set a schedule by which your air or heat turns on or off. This works great if your schedule remains the same every day.  For most homes, however, every day can be different. This is what makes smart thermostats a step above programmable thermostats. Smart thermostats allow you to control your heating and air conditioning with a simple app on your phone. Having minute-by-minute control of your systems limits needless usage by only running the units when absolutely needed. Excessive use contributes greatly to wear and tear. Even efficient, well-cared for units can break down when used too much.

Use Your Environment to Avoid HVAC Repair in Spring Lake

Another way to limit the use of your furnace aside from using a smart thermostat is to use your environment to reduce your need to use your HVAC. For example, during the summer, close your blinds and curtains to reduce the heat coming in through windows. If you are planning new landscaping, use trees to your advantage. Plant deciduous trees where they will shade windows in the summer, but allow light in during the winter.

Electricity usage can also affect the efficiency of your HVAC. In the evenings, when it is less likely that your heating or air conditioning is running is the ideal time to run your appliances. One example of this would be to wait to run your dishwasher and dryer until overnight. Additionally, limit your use of your stovetop and oven during the day. Lastly, turn off all lights in rooms that no one is in. Allow your HVAC system to run efficiently and you’ll reduce your need for HVAC repair in Spring Lake.

Avoiding HVAC Repair in Spring Lake Doesn’t Take a Lot of Work

HVAC repair in Spring Lake being done by a professional HVAC technician

When it comes down to it, the best way to avoid your HVAC system breaking down is to provide it with regular, professional care. If you take care of your heating and air conditioner, they will be ready to take care of you when you need them. When those spring days come around, place a call to your favorite company for HVAC repair in Spring Lake to schedule an inspection of your A/C. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a lot of money or do a lot of work to keep your HVAC running. Taking care of your air filter, having an annual examination of each system, and using your heater and air conditioner in smart ways all go a long way in avoiding an HVAC emergency.

HVAC Repair in Spring Lake Common Causes

HVAC repair in Spring Lake being done by repairman. Technician is shown in front of open panel with wires out.

Your heating and air conditioning system is an intricate collection of parts.  As with anything, the more parts, the more parts that can break.  While there is an almost limitless supply of issues that can go wrong with your heating and cooling system, there are certain problems that happen more often than others.  Most of these can be avoided with the proper HVAC maintenance.  However, even with the appropriate care and upkeep, things can still go wrong. Even if a problem can’t be avoided, if you have your system inspected at least once a year, you should be able to avoid major repairs. The most common problems that require HVAC repair in Spring Lake can be easily fixed by experienced and capable technicians like those at Toms River Heating and Air Conditioning.

Dirty Air Filters

One of the most common and most preventable issues with HVAC systems is a dirty or clogged air filter. The air filter should be changed or cleaned at least every three months.  Some homes or situations may call for it to be done more often than that. Neglecting this easy maintenance step causes restricted air flow through your system.  This leads to the units having to work harder to produce the same results.  Increased wear can lead to major problems and early system failure.

Air Condenser Blockage

Sometimes, you may neglect the outdoor portion of your HVAC system. It is important in order to sustain efficiency that the condenser is not clogged with leaves, sticks, and other debris.  One easy thing you can do as a homeowner is to not plant bushes, trees, and plants near the condenser.  This helps limit the amount of debris that can get into the machine.  If it does look like there is a lot of debris within your air condenser, it is best to schedule a team who provides HVAC repair in Spring Lake to come take a look and clean it out for you.

Thermostat Settings

Sometimes the problem with your heating or cooling efforts boils down to a simple setting issue.  First, it is a good idea to change the batteries in your thermostat when you change those in your fire alarms. Secondly, be sure you have it programmed to the correct setting, either heat or cool. Lastly, review your owner’s manual for any other problems you might be able to troubleshoot on your own. If none of the above is the problem, it is best to call a service technician to take a look.

Electrical Problems

Occasionally, the problem may just be a blown fuse or tripped breaker.  While the fix for this problem is easy, it’s important to identify why it happened in the first place. If the blower to function longer and/or harder than it is intended, it could be because there is not adequate air flow around all units involved in your HVAC system. A clogged filter is another reason the unit may be requiring more effort to function. If this happens more than once and you can’t identify the problem, it is best to call for HVAC repair in Spring Lake.

HVAC Repair in Spring Lake May be Necessary

Some of the problems you have with your heating and cooling will require a repair appointment.  One of the best things you can do to avoid these visits is to have an annual inspection.  Not only does this identify potential problems before they cause you any trouble, but it also reinforces your business relationship with a HVAC repair in Spring Lake team. When you have an existing relationship, you can trust the technicians more than just calling a random company. Yearly inspections of your HVAC system are critical in avoiding pricey and stressful emergency repair calls.  As with anything, general wear and tear is going to happen no matter how good the care is you provide.  HVAC systems have lots of moving parts that sometimes just simply wear out. We don’t recommend attempting to fix anything having to do with your heating and air conditioning on your own other than the problems we’ve covered here.

Other Problems That Require HVAC Repair in Spring Lake

Unfortunately, a lot of the problems that arise having to do with heating and air conditioning require a professional to fix.  If you are hearing strange sounds or noises coming from your furnace while it is running, it’s usually a red flag that something is wrong or about to be very wrong.  Any signs of water leaking in or around your HVAC units certainly require a call to a repair technician.  They will be able to identify where the water is coming from and why.  One other thing you may have a problem with is your pilot light. While an unlit pilot light may not seem like a big issue to fix, there is normally a bigger problem as to why it is out in the first place.  A professionally trained HVAC repair in Spring Lake technician is the best person to take care of these problems.